System Integration


Software Alliances:

OMNIMax, in India has entered in Software alliances with leading software companies in India to offer Enterprise Licence Version of Software.

OMNIMax understands clients have specific needs related to Customization, Integration and Scaling the current version of OMNIMax, to handle large volumes of traffic and transactions which can be done via our System Integrators.

The unique modular nature of OMNIMax allows incremental changes to the code to varying needs of the clients. OMNIMax can offer Enterprise License Solutions to entities such as large banks, brokerage house, Insurance Companies and Wealth Management Companies via this unique model.

System Integration Partners 


AurionPro Solutions 

Since 1997, aurionPro has created and delivered comprehensive solutions to streamline corporate banking, treasury, fraud prevention and risk management, governance and compliance, and more. aurionPro completed one of the first commercial Check 21 deployments. Fueled by deep banking domain expertise and industry exposure, aurionPro performed pioneering work for several leading Asian private sector banks in the areas of Corporate Banking, Treasury and Risk Management. The company provides valuable operational and technical experience in helping banks provide new and innovative products to their customers.

arionPro also prides itself on depth and breadth of IT consulting expertise, flexibility and ease of adaptation to effective development and support methodologies, assurance of precise and timely inter-company communications, timeliness of project realization, security of proprietary data and business processes, transfer and retention of business and technical knowledge, responsiveness to unforeseeable resource and skill-specific requirements, and mitigation of financial and political risk.

Reflecting its deep domain expertise in the field of banking and financial applications, the company numbers as customers more than 90 banks and financial institutions across the US, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and South Asia. Clients include major banks and FIs like Citibank, Barclays, ABN Amro, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, DBS and Deutsche Bank.

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