Our Team

Michael Taylor Authorised Financial Advisor NZ (AFA), Co-founder & Director - OMNIMax India
Michael Taylor has practiced fee based Goal Based Financial Planning in New Zealand for twenty seven years. One of the key components of the success of his practice is the OMNIMax Financial Planning Platform. Michael commissioned OMNIMax software specifically to capture the business process and the DNA of Financial Planning. OMNIMax Software Solutions Ltd was formed to make the OMNIMax platform available to other advisors. Various modules of the Platform are used in USA, NZ and India. System Integrators in India work alongside OMNIMax to customise and integrate OMNIMax into Enterprise Wealth Management Solutions worldwide.
Michael has a special association with India and is Promotor Director of his Indian Subsidiary OMNIMax India Pvt. Ltd. Michael envisages OMNIMax changing the way financial advisors conduct their business in India and could help scaling the business with the powerful combination of domain and technology.
Jonathan Taylor, Chief Technical Architect, Director OMNIMax India
Jonathan has been instrumental in the overall design architecture and the look and feel of the current OMNIMax version. Jonathan has worked very closely to integrate the domain features of financial planning into the OMNIMax Platform. He co-founded the Company in NZ in 2002 and overtime has developed clients across the globe.
Jonathan has worked very closely with the Indian team to Indianize the platform and understands the needs of the advisors in India. He leads his software team to develop timely release of new features and keep the OMNIMax Platform robust for the future.
 Nitin K Manaktala CFPCM
CEO, Director OMNIMax India
Nitin K Manaktala is a qualified CFA, Certified Financial Planner and MBA (Finance and Marketing) and brings with him 18 years of rich corporate experience, with specialisation in the areas of Corporate Finance, Strategy, Financial Planning and Wealth Management. Nitin has been instrumental in the OMNIMax birthing process in India, and has headed the company since inception and led to rapid growth of the platform under his leadership both in SaaS Segment and also Enterprise Segment, which now boasts of marquee list of RIA's, MFDs and Financial Planners across India. Nitin blends his domain expertise with Technology to provide innovative and lasting Software Solutions to clients.
Rohit Bhardwaj - Head of Business Development
Rohit Bhardwaj has been with OMNIMax since early 2008 and is currently responsible for OMNIMax business development in India. Prior to this, he has worked with organisations in Banking & Financial Services industry with focus on private banking and wealth management services.
Rohit has done his Masters of Science in Int'l Banking & Financial Studies from Heriot-Watt University, U.K. He has completed his Bachelors in Business & Finance from Heriot-Watt University, U.K.


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