OMNIMax India, has completed 10 years of existence, and established itself, as India’s premier Client Engagement and Financial Planning Platform. Having spent a decade with IFA’S, Enterprise, Banks and Wealth Management Companies, our offering is further strengthened with inputs and experience of practising planners. We have enviable list of Clients, who have entrusted their faith in us and in turn OMNIMax has helped the growth of several practices.

Empty Nesters (18-25 Yrs)

Financial Planning involves                          planning

Professional Options and Employment
Buying a  First Car / Own House
Travel on vacations with friends and family

Mature Families (35-55 Yrs)

Financial Planning for a family with kids is more demanding and gets complex:

Families Educational Plans
Buying Second Car
Annual Vacations
Considering Marriage Options
Health Care Issues and Planning
Life Insurance Cover Requirement

Young Couples (25-35 Yrs)

Financial Planning for a couple involves joint decisions on:

Young Couple Buying a House
Planning for kids
Travel on Vacations
Insurance for Earning Members
Gifts / Social Commitments

Retired Couples

Financial Planning for Retirement is more passive and driven on planning done in the initial stages of ones life.

Retired Couples Regular Income Planning
Insurance Maturities
Inheritance Issues
Major /Critical Illness Planning
Wealth Transfer Issues

OMNIMax Developments & Tie up's

Dear Members of the Financial Advisory Community

Greetings from OMNIMax !

The wave of regulations is sweeping  across  various jurisdictions, across the world. Disclosure Transparency are the new mantras and Regulators are looking at distinction of Advisor and Agents.

The delivery of Financial Services is moving from Product Sales to a Personal Financial Planning approach. The guiding force is a Financial Plan, which is a guide for the future and a bible for success.

Financial Planners, have a common issue in mind when acquiring Clients, with a Financial Planning Perspectives.

  • Time is lost getting the Clients to get to meet them initially.
  • Planners never get the Financial Data to begin the process of Financial Planning.
  • Client have initial inertia in decision making, in terms of understanding the value-add of Financial Planner
  • Clients require a good reference or a Good Client Experience to believe in the abilities of a Financial Planner.

The initial connection with the client, can be the most frustrating part of the engagement. Also, The first interaction with the client, should ideally be the most productive as well.  Client, at their end, have a issue of dependability and sharing key financial information with advisors, who still need to win the trust of the client.

Financial Literacy, is a Global Challenge. Fear and Greed are the dominant attitudes and understanding from clients on the Financial Planning Process, and even their own goals and objectives is hazy.

Using a Software, brings the possibility to standardize the Financial Planning Process and bring tools to analyse the Client Goals Objectives and Overall Achievability. There is a Standard audit trail, which bring accountability and not to mention, the time / cost savings from a Advisor Perspective.

Globally, Established Markets have a checkered history of delivering financial services. Client’s Needs have not always been No 1 Priority, and mis-selling has been prevalent, but the migration from commissions to a fee based approach , wil help align client interests.

OMNIMax Financial Health Check , assists advisors in establishing the Client relationship and collect data online while the OMNIMax Advice Map embodies both the process and the analytical features to offer sound advice, based on Goals and Objectives and create a Map for Client’s Financial Future.

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